Puhukaa suomea!

Puhukaa suomea!


Languages, it’s what we use to communicate. I recently posted something on Facebook about how I wanted people to stop speaking English to me. So far a lot of people have been speaking Finnish to me. I really enjoy speaking your language. It is a challenge for me and I love challenges.

I don’t like to speak English actually. But on the contrary I have only a few friends that I cannot speak Finnish too, because I have spoken to them so much in English, I cannot switch. I really get annoyed sometimes when people know that I’ve been in Finland for about 6 months and they still don’t think that I can speak Finnish. As far as saying that I’ve learned Finnish, I may not know every word, but I can express myself quite well.

Please if you read this, speak Finnish to me. It helps so much for me and I really appreciate it. As for your guys’ English. It’s very good, so I don’t know why you need to practice with me. But if you would like help or if you have any questions about English then I wouldn’t mind you asking.

I get a lot of speaking and listening practice everyday but I do have some troubles with reading. I do read some books here. Mostly the text books and some children’s books because of the simple vocabulary used. I haven’t been reading anything lately in Finnish or English, but practicing my reading skills in other languages. I also talk with some friends on Facebook in Finnish. I talk with my Canadian friend in Finnish and to some other people in the lukio.

I’ve really enjoyed living here and learning your language. So please, go ahead and speak Finnish to me! I will understand and may give you a some what acceptable response back. But in the meantime I hope all of you had a good break and test week. Will be seeing you around.

Evan Cross