Hello everyone,

Unfortunately this is my last entry for my column for not only does school end, but my year of living in Finland is coming to a close. I have experienced, in what I think, everything that Finland has to offer. I’ve seen the seasons change from full of life, to a dusky black. But soon were my days brightened as I went on an excursion to the arctic circle where the snow brought some light to my eyes. From then cold came and went from the south as the spring began to thrive. In the early spring I had the chance to see another culture besides the Finnish culture. I went with my organization to Russia and had the most memorable experience. As spring began to come, it came unseasonably as it felt like winter once again. Only after a few snow showers did the season begin to roll in. Now that summer is approaching only can I feel grief that I will be back in my old life. This year has been the greatest year of my life and nothing could’ve been better. I’ll miss all of you guys terribly.

Näkemiin Hyrylän lukio!

Evan Cross